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The image at the top of the page says it all ... closed.

As of today, this dairy is closed, completely totally 100% closed. Not just locked, not just entries made private, but completely closed. Old entries deleted and zero new ones added ... at least none after this one.

This might seem like it's coming out of left field, but honestly it's been a long time coming for me.

There are a lot of reasons that I'm closing this one up, but they don't really matter all that much because nothing will change the fact that I feel I need to walk away from here. So I am.

I will still stop in, quite often in fact, because there are diarists here that have become real life friends, and I will still have an online journal myself, just not here on diaryland. *if you would like to know where it is, please comment here about it and I'll email you the information, or just email me directly*

So for now, thank you. It has been an amazing 2 years here, some of it great, some of it horribly bad, but in the end all of it worth it.


: 12 July, 2004 : 12:07 p.m. :

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